A mediator is an impartial and neutral third party who assists parties to voluntarily reach their own settlement of a dispute. In mediation, the parties control the outcome and the mediator provides the process.

Mediation is confidential, efficient, and economical as compared to more formal dispute resolution processes such as litigation.

Among many things, it helps preserve personal and professional relationships, produces satisfaction and compliance with agreements reached, and provides the parties with effective tools to manage and prevent future conflict on their own. Even if the parties will not have an ongoing relationship, mediation is proven to be highly successful in resolving disputes and saving people time and money.

Just as no two people are the same, no two mediations are the same. Each mediation is unique and is influenced by at least three things: the characteristics of the parties; the context and type of dispute; and the method of mediation most helpful in working towards a solution.

MDR Associates have been successful in resolving thousands of disputes by mediation. We have dealt with small table and large table disputes in very complex and entrenched situations. Our success is built upon our passion for helping people and our commitment to the highest quality of service and professionalism.

We encourage our clients to seek the advice of separate legal counsel both before and during the mediation. If we produce a draft agreement for consideration, we insist that our clients seek separate independent legal representation prior to signing it.

MDR clients can choose whether they want their lawyer to be present at the mediation, or available for consultation outside the mediation process.