Workplace Assessments

A workplace assessment discovers the perceptions of an organization’s employees on the work environment and provides a foundation for proactively addressing workplace concerns. A workplace assessment can help determine what is working well in an organization and what needs to be addressed. This allows the organization to leverage what is working well while addressing what needs to be changed.

The assessment process assists employees and managers at all levels in becoming aware of the issues and in obtaining input into addressing them. Typically the main reason for embarking on assessments is to take action to address high conflict or high levels of dissatisfaction in the work environment.

Embarking on a workplace assessment can provide many benefits to an organization including:

  • Employees feel that they have been listened to because management is taking action.
  • Employees feel that they have input into addressing their concerns.
  • Improved employee morale by demonstrating management’s commitment to engage in meaningful discussion and to resolve difficult issues.
  • Cost effective way of getting at the root of difficult issues while providing a safe environment for people to raise issues.
  • Efficient gathering and analysis of information to allow management to plan and implement positive organizational change.

MDR Associates has experience in conducting workplace assessments and in leading follow-up corrective actions to help restore or improve harmony in the workplace.