Negotiation for Success Workshop – 3 Days

This workshop offers an intensive introduction to interests based negotiation.

Topics covered include the nature of conflict, understanding conflict factors and dynamics, the nature of disputes and how disputes are resolved, the relationship of power, rights and interests, and, interests based negotiation.

Generous opportunity for self reflection is given through the use of various learning tools and teaching methods and participants are encouraged to draw on their own experiences, and the experiences of the other participants, in the positive and supportive learning environment created by our trainers and coaches.

Participants will develop a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to become skillful and confident negotiators. Participants learn about their own conflict handling styles, how to improve on them, how to feel comfortable in dealing with emotional and highly conflicted situations, and how to be more effective negotiators in both personal and business contexts.

Negotiation simulations move from simple two party situations through to more complex situations including those in multi party, multi issue contexts.

This course will be of interest to HR professionals, lawyers, managers, supervisors, union representatives, diversity consultants, ombudsmen, conflict management professionals, and anyone wanting to improve their negotiation and conflict management skills.

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Negotiation for Success

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