Telephone Conflict Resolution Workshop – 1 Day

Many people’s jobs involve dealing with upset and emotional people over the telephone. Superior customer service, as well as  employees’ job satisfaction and personal well being,  requires that employees have the knowledge and skills to handle these difficult situations professionally and effectively.

This workshop will provide participants with a simple and effective process to take angry and upset callers through a productive and satisfying telephone conversation, and with the tools to deal with the bumps along the way.

The workshop will be of particular interest to people who frequently deal with an upset public. It will greatly improve all participants’ ability to deal with sensitive and emotional issues over the telephone.

Our instructor was very generous in answering our questions and finds ways to respond to all of our concerns, especially when we need help to overcome a specific difficulty encountered in our more difficult cases.                               – Public Agency Case Officer

I have been in customer service for 30 years, and have sold in excess of 30 million dollars in travel products – over the telephone. Needless to say, I “thought” I had all the tools required to schmooze and handle difficult callers. However, I was pleasantly surprised by your workshop, as I picked-up so many useful tips to navigate and effectively redirect the tone of a conversation into a more positive exchange.  Thanks again for an outstanding day and workshop.                        – Public Agency Case Officer

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