Intensive Advanced Mediation Training – 5 Days

This 5 day Advanced Mediation workshop is a “hands-on” experiential training that deepens and extends the core 40 hour training of our 5 day Intensive Mediation workshop. It explores both the theory and practice of mediation at deeper levels and takes participants into disputes that are deep rooted, larger and more complex.

This workshop will be of interest to people who are full time or part time mediators, or who are working towards this goal, and who wish to deepen their understanding of and ability to mediate in more complex disputes. This workshop, together with our 5 day intensive mediation training, provides an excellent foundation for mediating difficult disputes in a broad variety of areas including workplace, family, community, and business settings.

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Intensive Advanced Mediation Training                                        See course page >>
May 28 – June 1, 2018

Advanced Mediation Workshop Description

The pace and content were very satisfying. Richard was always ready and willing to take questions. His knowledge is rich and deeply based in his experience.  The materials are very clear and concise. It is evident that they have developed organically. I am very pleased with the content of the course. It was very easy to become immersed in the material. I found that everyone became comfortable very quickly and the atmosphere allowed for free and easy conversation. I wish I had done this a long time ago! I feel very confident moving forward.                                                          – Family Lawyer


Having taken the introductory course, I expected to not only enjoy the course but also learn – and it exceeded all expectations. Richard moves seamlessly through … (knowledge of subject matter, facilitation, and responsiveness to questions). Richard offers clear and manageable directions for activities and allows for ample and meaningful reflection. I recommend this course to anyone planning to become a mediator or seeking professional development.                                                – School principal/administrator

I very much enjoyed the week and learned a lot from both Richard and the participants. The workshop was very engaging and inclusive of all participants. I very much appreciate Richard’s approach, mastery of the subject matter and use of appropriate practical examples. Definitely the course is useful well beyond just mediation. It allows you to consider interactions of all sorts. It was a very good arrangement for me to have taken both this course and the basic course within months of each other…. I very much enjoyed the reliance on the practical role plays throughout the week.

– Senior Manager, Public Service of Canada

This was a great course, well organized with a great group of participants. The course was very effective at allowing participants to try and to experience various types of mediations. We took lots of theory and put it to practice                                    – Public Service mediator


The level of experience gained met the course description and category of “advanced”. Richard has an excellent way of engaging with the participants of the class, addressing all concerns/questions, facilitating the dialogue and enhancing the overall learning experience.                                                                                   – Private practice lawyer

An excellent course – very mentally challenging and great, quality teaching. Very comprehensive material – both theory and practice. I felt very comfortable asking a question and knowing that it would be listened to and answered. The theory mini lectures, especially about group processes was very helpful. This was and excellent learning environment and my learning will continue as I reflect on all that I learned this week.

– LT Public Service mediator

MDR Associates offers a very professional program to help the student/professional come to know, understand and apply mediation skills and tools.  The Advanced Mediation course was the perfect follow up to the first Intensive Mediation Course offered by MDR and it really allows the student to advance in knowledge and skill in a very short time frame.  Richard was very professional and his many years of experience came out in his teaching, which created an ideal learning environment.  These two courses gave me the best learning experience possible. Very practical!                                       – Entrepreneur

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