Intensive Introduction to Mediation Training – 5 Days

Topics covered include the nature of disputes and how disputes are resolved, the relationship of power, rights and interests, managing anger, the mediation process from preparation and screening through to agreement writing and follow-up, the functions of a mediator, essential skills and strategies of the mediator, co-mediation, caucusing, the effects of power, culture and trust in disputes, conflict analysis of a complex situation, convening a mediation, basic group intervention design, professional mediation ethics, and practical aspects of operating a mediation practice.

Participants will explore where mediation fits in to the overall ADR continuum, how it compares to both rights-based and other ADR processes, and when its use is appropriate.

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Intensive Introduction to Mediation Training                                See course page >>
March 19 – March 23, 2018

Intensive Mediation Workshop Description

I chose this course after reviewing on- line what was offered by various courses. I sensed that it offered what I was looking for. I then checked with a local judge …..who called another lawyer in the Ottawa area who praised Richard highly and said he was one of the best. I am very pleased that I chose to go with MDR. I feel that I could not have had a better introduction to mediation and I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the process and also about myself, the people around me, and the world we live in. Altogether a very satisfying experience.                                                                                          – Estates Lawyer

The course material, the facility, the balance between information delivery and practice was excellent. Richard’s experience and commitment to the course and mediation was evident and inspiring. The background and future reference material that the lectures provided will be invaluable.  I came to the course unsure of the expectations, what mediation really was, and whether or not I was capable of learning to be a mediator.  I leave inspired and confident I can become a successful mediator.  We learned about foundational skills to establishing a practice in a very short, but well organized and in-depth way.

– School Principal/Administrator


The mediation workshop was really exciting.  I found the program to be extremely enlightening, informing me in ways that will be most useful in the activities I am and others I hope to engage in.  As excellent as was the content, the resources and the exercises, the program was elevated to a very high level by the manner of your leadership.

–  International NGO Leader


It was clear from the scope of issues and examples raised that Richard had great mastery of the subject matter. Very good introduction to mediation.  Skills can be applied to many situations and in many environments.  I learned a tremendous amount this week in how to work with others, from a process perspective – as opposed to being a problem solver.  I found this course quite useful for having a basic understanding of how to resolve conflict with people – whether as a trained mediator or not! Techniques from this course are definitely applicable to my normal role as a manager. 

Senior Manager, Public Service of Canada

MDR Associates offers a very professional program to help the student/professional come to know, understand and apply mediation skills and tools.  The Advanced Mediation course was the perfect follow up to the first Intensive Mediation Course offered by MDR and it really allows the student to advance in knowledge and skill in a very short time frame.  Richard was very professional and his many years of experience came out in his teaching, which created an ideal learning environment.  These two courses gave me the best learning experience possible. Very practical!  



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