Ashley Moore

Ashley holds a Master’s in Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, with distinction, from Concordia University.  She is trained in negotiation, mediation, workplace investigation, and approaches to conflict analysis from a human systems perspective.

She has taken leadership roles in private and not-for-profit sectors developing and delivering programs to support the development of youth, including community-based multi-partnered crime prevention, government-run wilderness-based residential camps, and a variety of community outreach programs.

Ashley partners with MDR on special projects on behalf of ProActive ReSolutions, an internationally recognized leader in helping organizations build safe, healthy and productive workplaces. ProActive Resolutions ( offers consulting and training services in three spheres: preventing conflict, repairing relationships, and protecting those at risk of violence.  MDR Associates and ProActive Resolutions co-operate as required to ensure that clients are offered comprehensive and top quality workplace consulting and training services.

Examples of her work with MDR includes assisting in community conflicts over natural resource usage, delivering dispute resolution knowledge transfer services to a Crown corporation, developing training for front-line youth workers, and investigating conflicted and toxic workplaces. She is also involved in enhancing both the theoretical and practical elements of MDR’s mediation training programs.