Richard Moore

Richard Moore is the owner of MDR Associates and its principle investigator and mediator. A graduate of Carleton University and Queen’s Law School, Richard has over 35 years of experience working as a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator and investigator.

Richard understands that no two conflicts are the same. He is used to working with complex dynamics and changing environments. He is experienced in diagnosing what is going wrong and in delivering the right intervention for the situation.

Before taking on any engagement he assesses his clients’ needs through a filter of deep conflict resolution experience and then proposes realistic action plans leading to cost effective and sustainable solutions.

Richard received his foundational mediation training at Harvard University and has mediated many complex and deeply entrenched situations. A senior lawyer has described him as follows: “He is well-prepared, approachable, fair and neutral. He is able to maintain good control of the mediation process while allowing the parties wide scope in presenting their perspectives. He has a soft spoken approach incorporating a quiet confidence which seems to relax and yet instill confidence in all of the participants.”

Richard has consulted and trained both nationally and internationally. His mediation workshops are highly regarded and have been pre-approved by the ADR Institute of Canada towards professional mediation designations.

He is deeply passionate about his work and in his desire to improve the lives of others. He has taken significant leadership roles in the legal profession, in the conflict resolution profession, and in the not-for-profit sector.